Verge Gardens

The good news is that more and more verge vegetable gardens are being planted by Mosman residents. In late 2010 we counted three gardens, one year later there were at least nine, and now there are even more...

These are some of gardens around the Mosman.

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May 2013: Verge Garden Survey

A study on verge gardens in Mosman is being undertaken by Macquarie University Students with approval from Mosman Council. It would greatly help their project if you could take the time to complete the following survey.

Sirius Cove Road

Here is a Sirius Cove Road verge garden in November 2012. The residents have made good use of the public land next to their house.

Mosman Bay Walk

Below is a verge garden you can see along the Mosman Bay Walk. The resident has constructed very impressive protection against the wildlife!

Here is another garden next to the Mosman Bay walkway. The residents have used pots very effectively.

Rangers Avenue

Possibly the first verge garden in Mosman. The site is sunny and ideal for the full range of vegetables. Built with rail sleepers, the garden extends in front of three semis.

The gardens were just replanted with seedlings when these photo were taken.

Clanalpine St - raised walk way

First planted in 2010, the site faces south east so is not ideal for vegetable growing.  However, tomatoes, corn, eggplants, potatoes and pumpkin are grown over summer, broad beans in winter.  

A small herb garden is a favourite with locals to pick herbs, mostly basil.

Rickard Ave Verge

A one metre square planter box, tomatoes and herbs is summer 2012.

Canrobert St

This garden holds a surprising amount of vegetables.  Tomatoes, capsicum, rainbow chard and pumpkins.  It utilises the Council built street garden beds opposite the round-about on the corner of Canrobert and Avenue Roads.  A great use of public infrastructure for a good cause.

Hunter Park

These photos were taken in January 2012.  A  herb garden has been started under the trees in the south western corner of Hunter Park, Balmoral.

Botanic Road

Tucked away at the back of the lawn, there is a surprisingly  large triangular shaped bed which includes pumpkins, tomatoes, capsicum and  eggplants.  No sign of a tap so the local residents are showing their determination by carrying water.  The wild life from the local reserve are giving the gardeners some challenges.


Cabban St Triangle

The Cabban St Triangle is one of  best managed verge vegetable gardens in Mosman.  The site gets lots of sun. These photos were taken early in the morning.  All manner of edible plants and herbs are grown in this spot.

Congewoi Rd Verge Garden

A newly planted herb garden.

Congewoi Rd -  Northern Nursery School verge

This is a professionally built garden commissioned by the Northern Nursery School.  Herb gardens on the verge are a great way to relate to the street community.

Mosman Community Gardeners Inc is not  involved in verge gardening. However, we believe they provide great  opportunities to promote growing vegetables, building communities and support for community and edible gardens.

If you are interested in creating a verge garden we recommend that you read the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network  article on design and safety issues.  Farmers of the urban footpath – design guidelines for street verge gardens  

If you need assistance we can put you in touch with our friends who farm the verge.

Another source is the City of Sydney  Draft Footpath Gardening Policy 2011. This is a supportive policy and the checklists are useful.

Mosman Council has a formal policy allowing verge gardens as part of their 'Street Verge/Nature Strip Maintenance Policy'.  Mosman Council Policies.

It  would appear that permission has not been sought or given to all these gardens.  To their credit, the Council is taking a tolerant approach to them.