Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Extending Middle Head Garden

December was a very busy time for construction at Middle Head and Mackie Lane.  Three new beds have been built at Middle Head making a total of six long beds.  Work continues at Mackie Lane, check out the new wind breaks. There is a collection of photos showing the gardens progressing in the Middle Head and Mackie Lane Photo tabs. 

Membership of our gardens is open to Mosman residents.  You can contact us at mosmancommunitygardeners@gmail.com or just come and see us at the gardens.

Middle Head gardeners usually go on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday afternoons from 4.00 till 6.00 Mackie Lane has working bees on Sundays 3.00 to 5.00 with refreshments at 5.00.  

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mackie Lane and Middle Head News

We braved the bad weather last Sunday and started planting at Mackie Lane. The Mosman Daily came and took photographs, see this week's edition.  

Planting and mulching continues on  Sunday 11 December. We have crows so will also be making a scare crow which should be fun for the kids. If you can help on Sunday we need darning needles and thick thread. Also we need used ice cream container lids and little bells.

There is a bit work for the construction crew, digging a hole for the pond and moving some materials up to the back of the site.  The major garden construction has been competed at Mackie Lane. Many thanks to everyone who contributed at the working bees, especially the construction team that did a lot of heavy work. Over the next month we will make two more high beds, install the pond and sort out our materials bays.  The Sunday working bee starts at 3pm refreshments at 5 pm (BYO).  There are less tasks to do, so things are getting more social.

At Middle Head, the NPWS have a Corporate Group volunteering on 16th Dec to build new beds.  MCG members are helping with design and quality control on the day. We hope to construct and fill three new beds.


Thank you to our Mackie Lane organisational supporters:

  • Mosman Council – soil and Kimbriki materials
  • Ausgrid and Mosman Council  - fence and water connection
  • Bunnings -  hardware
  • Honeysuckle Garden Centre - garden pots
  • Milson Community Garden - seedlings

New Members
If you would like to join, please let us know. Hope to see you at a garden soon.