Thursday, June 16, 2011

Council Rejects Rosherville Garden - this time

We are very disappointed to report that at its June meeting, Mosman Council decided not to proceed with a community garden at Rosherville Reserve at this time.

However, has strengthened it support for community gardens and set a goal to have a community garden established with 12 months. Some funding has been allocated.

If you would like to be involved in establishing community gardens in Mosman contact us  email or ring Nick on 0421 008 485.

The Mosman Daily published the following report.

Vegie patch gets chop

MOSMAN residents want a community garden - just not in their backyard.
Plans to establish the area’s first council-supported community garden in Rosherville Reserve were ditched last week.
Despite a year-long campaign by the Mosman Community Gardeners group to find an area suitable for a fruit and vegie patch, the council scrapped the proposal at last Tuesday’s meeting.
Rosherville Community Garden Group co-ordinator Tina Jackson said she was “bitterly disappointed” in the council’s lack of faith, as it had given in-principle support to the project last year.
“We feel the council has let us down,” Ms Jackson said.
“Community gardening isn’t just about growing fruit and vegetables, its about growing the community as well.”
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But the good news is the council has promised to set up a community garden somewhere in Mosman in the next financial year.
Residents who spoke against the proposed Rosherville garden at the meeting said it would impact on the “natural environment” of Chinaman’s Beach and the reserve.
They also argued “possums and vermin” would eat the vegies, vandals would destroy it and the garden would only benefit a select few.
Councillor Warren Yates accused objectors of “vetoing” the project through their dogged opposition.
“I can’t believe we’re allowing a group of residents to veto the garden,” Cr Yates said.
“It’s an attitude of not in my backyard.”
Neighbouring council areas including North Sydney and Manly have flourishing community gardens.
Benefits of community gardens:
* Promotes healthy eating, light exercise and mental wellbeing.
* Connects people through the shared activities and pleasures of gardening.
* Helps the environment by reducing food miles. Encourages composting and worm farms, which reduce food waste in landfills.
* Support new gardeners by putting them in touch with experienced ones.
* Provides opportunities to share a wide variety of skills and knowledge such as horticulture, botany, garden design, engineering, art, event management and fund raising.